The several never-ending, white sand-beaches beckon for long walks. You will hardly meet a living soul and will mostly have the whole of the beach to yourself, not taking the cape clawless otter, the black oyster catcher and various other shore birds into consideration. Take water, something to snack on and always remember the SUNBLOCK even if it’s overcast. Here are our pick of the best beaches near Gansbaai.


Stretching along the coast from De Kelders to the Hermanus Lagoon for 24 km, follows the coastline. There are several beaches and coves alternating with interesting rock formations jutting into the sea. Cliffs with rock overhangs provide a shady spot to rest and relax. For more information visit Cape Nature.


A long sandy beach crossing the outlet of the Uilkraals estuary, a known birding hotspot.


It starts with some rocky outcrops where one can, it seems, always spot a solitary fisherman. Soon after the rock-pools, the beach becomes pure sand and continues forever. Pearly Beach is the best place in this area to enjoy long, solitudinal beach walks.


A beautiful empty sand beach stretches from the Buffeljags-settlement to Quoin Point. On the map it is called Jessies Bay, but locals call it “die Walle” (the walls). High straight dunes, eroded in the most fantastic shapes, tower over Jessies Bay. Despite the beauty of the shore, the ocean around Quoin Point is the burial place of numerous ships and hundreds of sailors.


At the end of a long strait road past Pearly Beach & Quoin Point is another long, secluded beach ideal when the northwester is blowing.


There is a reason for the name “Danger Point Peninsula” as many sailors found out through the ages to their shock and horror. These coasts are spectacular but wild! The waters are treacherous and the currents very strong. As a general rule, one should be very careful to just go into the ocean for a swim. There are however, various protected coves and bays. Stanford Cove in De Kelders is a traditional safe place to go for a swim. One of the protected bays in the Walker Bay reserve “Die Plaat,” is suitable for swimming on most days. Only 100m from the lodge there is a small secluded cove, christened `La Bay Chardonnay’ by guests due to the quantity of chardonnay that was consumed there. I often pop down there for a swim in summer to cool down.