Chilli Jam

Everything in this recipe depends on the chilies you would use. For me it is whatever chilies I harvest out of  the garden. It is always good to use a combination of mild and hot. Some very hot chilies have an amazing flavor. So by using a few of those toned down by a milder chili will give you the perfect taste. Continue reading “Chilli Jam”


No meat required!

Waterblommetjies! A type of water lily ( Aponogeton distachyos ) that can be found growing on every farm dam in the area. Their season starts in spring and lasts for a couple of weeks. Many of our locals and even our International visitors know them only cooked together in a stew with lamb (and always served with white rice!); like that they have a very similar taste to green beans. It is one of the most well known traditional South African dishes. Continue reading “WATERBLOMMETJIE RISOTTO”

Grilled Beetroot

After many requests now revealed…this must be Whalesong’s signature dish! One of the best ways of doing and having them is grilled. So many people say they don’t enjoy eating them but believe me done this way many minds has been changed. Always make more to make sure you have left overs! Marinated over night they turn into a perfect salad ingredient. Continue reading “Grilled Beetroot”