Fish Cakes

Stanley’s never taste the same! So do not worry if yours doesn’t either. Play around and use what ever is in the cupboard, even tinned sardines/smoked mussels can be added to the mixture if your fresh fish is not enough. Experiment with the flavors, replace the curry paste with pesto and use oregano as your herb and serve it with a tomato sauce. The cakes size is also up to you. It really depends on you, if it’s for a snack make small balls and deep fry them served with a dip. For a fish burger, make them the size of your bread rolls, shallow fry them and layer with mayo and some salad goodies for an open or closed burger. As a meal,  size does not really matter, as long as you enjoy them with a sauce or a salsa and some mash potatoes.

450g Raw fish cut into chunk
15 ml/ 1tbsp Fish sauce
15 ml/ 1tbsp Thai curry past
15 ml/ 1tbsp Olive oil
5 ml/ 1tsp Sugar
1 Lime or lemon zest (grated lemon skin)
Chopped coriander or parsley
1 Egg
Salt & pepper

Fresh bread crumbs made with4 Slices of stale white bread, crusts removed

Mince above ( except   bread crumbs )  in food processor and put mixture in bowl .
Add bread crumbs and mix well with hands. Feel the texture and consistency, if it is to soft add more crumbs if to solid add some liquid.