Chilli Jam

Everything in this recipe depends on the chilies you would use. For me it is whatever chilies I harvest out of  the garden. It is always good to use a combination of mild and hot. Some very hot chilies have an amazing flavor. So by using a few of those toned down by a milder chili will give you the perfect taste.
Of course it is not limited to sandwiches, even though no smoked chicken and rocket sarmie is complete without it. My friend Brydon, owner-chef of a little restaurant just out side Stanford called Havercroft’s, always serve it with his grilled line fish. The choices are limitless so experiment.
200g Large red chilies, seeded and sliced
200g Onions, peeled and roughly chopped
250ml/1cup Sugar
125ml/1/2cup Water
½ Lemon

Combine all the ingredients and heat in a saucepan.
Cook over high heat, uncovered till it is tender and thickened.
Remove from heat and remove the lemon.
Allow to cool and store in sterilized jars.
Keep in fridge.

Enjoy and let me know how it comes out.