These little French wonders are just amazing. With always having a problem with what to do with all the leftover egg whites, I now have found the solution…now I’m need to find  new recipies for the extra egg yolks!

The original recipe states almonds and raspberries. Any fresh or frozen berries will do BUT please no strawberries! They are watery and so will your muffins will be! But dare to be different…here’re just a few combinations to get your taste buds working and hopefully your ovens well!

Walnut  and grilled pear pieces
Hazelnut with chunks of dark bitter chocolate
Pecan  and poached apples
With dainty little fairy cakes like these only fresh vanilla will do, but if you have to use essence 5ml will do.

125ml cake flour, sifted
250ml nut flour
375ml icing sugar, sifted
1/2 pod fresh vanilla, mixed into sugar
 100g  butter, melted
 6 egg whites
150g Berries (fresh or frozen)
extra flour to roll berries in
Combine all the dry ingredients in a bowl.
Beat the egg whites with a whisk till the soft peak stage.
Fold the drymix and melted butter into the eggs, take care not to over mix.
Spoon into greased muffin pans (I prefer to use the small muffin pans, little bit size ones)
Roll berries in flour and place a berry on top of each muffin and press in lightly.
Bake 20min (small)/ 30min (normal) at180C.



Serve warm or cold with Greek yoghurt for breakfast, crème fraiche for tea time and just plain for a midnight snack.


TIP: Nut flour is any nuts ground finely in a food processor to the consistancy of flour or as close as you can get!

TIP: For a wheat  free treat replace the cake flour with half rice and half potato flour!

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  1. patrizia says:

    Hi Lainey,

    not sure whether it is a great idea to publish these gorgeous recipes of your – I cannot wait to eat it all!!