Any of your favourite fruit combinations can be used….just remember pips does not always do well being put in a blender…you don’t want to end up spitting out bits. You can always add some dried fruit, Agave syrup or honey for sweetness.

Always pour the water into the blender-jug first, so that the blades run smoothly from the beginning…so not to stress the motor to over heat.

I always add some Superfoods . We found that each of them have a different character, so treat them so. Hemp for instance can take a good long blend but Maca needs just a bit of mixing! Maca thickens, so you might end up eating you’re smoothie with a spoon! These foods have a positive influence on our digestive/hormonal/mental and physical health! Start slowly with the superfood…try them individual with single fruits. Get use to their taste and your needs.

As you get used to the basics start adding…soak your Goji berries and Chia seeds in almond or pecan milk over night. Cinnamon or vanilla pod can be added. I use finely grounded seeds.

Decide for yourself what consistency you like…less or more fruit or liquid is really up to you!

350ml Water
½ Pawpaw
6-8 Dates, pitted
30 ml Coconut oil
60ml Pecan nuts, chopped
30ml Hemp powder…protein
15ml Maca powder…minerals

250ml Water
2-3 Bananas
45ml Cacao nibs
45ml Dried figs…soak the night before!
30ml Cuma Cuma powder….immune booster
30ml Baobab…calcium
Agave syrup to taste
If you don’t do raw…use toasted coconut!
350ml Water
1 Pineapple, peeled, cored and chopped into chunks
45ml Goji berries…anti-oxidant
30ml Coconut oil
50ml Coconut shavings, toasted or not
30ml Lacuma powder…iron & low GI
15ml Hemp powder
Pour in some water…about half of what the recipe recommend. Layer your fruit with the rest of the ingredients.
Place lid on the jug and turn up the speed.
Liquidise/blend till smooth. Stop, taste for sweetness and consistency.
Pour in a glass and enjoy an easy breakfast or mid morning boost.